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Ph.D. Nagoya University, 1969

Career Highlights:

Dr. Yamamoto has been a Full Professor at Mie University of Japan since 1979. In 1999, he joined the Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan as a Visiting Professor. Professor Yamamoto is now a Visiting Professor of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS. In 1996, Dr. Yamamoto was Chairman of 8th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries. Until now, he has published more than 300 scientific papers in the field of Batteries and fuel Cells.

Research Interests:

Dr YamamotoˇŻs initial research activity was mainly addressed to both the fundamental and the applied aspects of highly ionic conducting solids. Dr Yamamoto is considered to be one of the world pioneers in the solid state ionic filed. As a matter of fact, the term ˇ°Solid State Ionicsˇ± was coined by him and his co-worker, the late Professor T. Takahashi. Since he moved to Mie University, his research interests have explained too many field of energy storage. He has been involved not only with investigation of various solid ion conductors and mixed conductors in view of their applications in solid oxide fuel cells, in lithium secondary batteries and in all solid state batteries, but also in the fundamental study of crystal chemistry and the physical properties of these materials.

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