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Ningbo boasts a long history. It is the birthplace of the "Neolithic Hemudu Culture" dating back more than 7,000 years. Ningbo has been a well-known key port for foreign trade ever since ancient time. In 2007, the city GDP reached RMB 343.3 billion, the GDP per capita RMB 61,032 (US$8,026), the revenue RMB  72.39 billion .
In 2007, the self-oriented import and export trade volume of Ningbo amounted to US$ 56.5 billion, increasing by 33.9% as compared with 2006.The growth rate of exports stayed middling in China. In 2007, the actual foreign capital utilized in Ningbo reached US$ 2.51 billion. All these achievements have laid a solid foundation for further development of Ningbo's export-oriented economy.

Leading Industries

Traditional Industries

1、 Textile: Textile is one of the traditional industries in Ningbo, with a complete range of industries, and reasonable structure. Its production value accounts for about 12% of the total industry output of the whole city.

2、Garment: Ningbo is the birthplace of famous “Hong Bang” style tailors of China, with a profound culture background and rich base. There are more than 2000 garment manufacturers based in Ningbo, and they produce 1.3 billion pieces of clothes every year, accounting for about 12% of the total production of China. Ningbo based Younger, Firs, Romon and Progen are entitled Famous Chinese Brands.

3、Home Electric Appliance:Ningbo is one of the three major home electric appliance production bases in China. The region is home to over 3000 home electric appliance manufacturers and about 10,000 coordinative factories producing parts and accessories. The turnover accounts for about 30% of the total of this industry in China, with renowned brands including Aux, Bird, Fotile and Shuaikang.

4、 Plastic Machine:“World Capital of Plastic Machine” is another title of Ningbo. Over 130 plastic machine producers are located in Ningbo, and about half of the world’s plastic machines are produced here. Haitian is the largest plastic machine producer in terms of production and sales. World famous names in this industry like Demag of German, Sumitomo of Japan, Woojin Selex of Korea, Kinki of Taiwan and Chenghsong of Hong Kong all have established branches in Ningbo.

5、 Auto Parts:Ningbo is one of the leading auto parts production centers in China,clustering with 2300 auto parts manufacturers, and the production value accounts for about 3.2% of the total in China. Famous companies include Huaxiang Group, Shenglong Group etc.

6、 Stationary:Ningbo has the honor of “Capital of Stationary in China”. There are more than 800 stationary producers in this region, producing 1/3 of the exported stationary products of China. The largest office stationary producer, the largest art appliance producer and the largest auxiliary education appliance producer are all located in Ningbo.

7、 Mould:Ningbo is one of the three mould production bases in China, with 3000 mould manufacturers. The production of foundry mould accounts for 60% of the total of the Industry in China, while the die-casting mould and the power metallurgy mould account for 40% and 25% respectively.

Harbor-based Industry

1、Petrochemical Industry
Ningbo is the major Petrochemical industry base. Now it hosts 179 petrochemical enterprises, including Zhenhai Refinery Chemical Co. Ltd, which has the largest crude oil refinery capacity. The largest ABS production base of China, LG Yongxing Chemical Co.Ltd is located in Zhenhai, Ningbo. The titans in the world chemical industry like

2、Paper Making
Paper making is the important part of the Ningbo light industry, with over 20 producers in this region, including Ningbo Zhonghua Paper, which is the largest industrial paper production base. In 2005, the output value of the paper making industry in Ningbo hit 3.831 billion RMB, with sales income of 3.684 billion RMB.

3、Steel Industry
  With the support of the excellent port and city conditions, Ningbo steel production base have developed to certain scale. Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel established the capacity of producing 600,000 tons of thin stainless steel plate annually, and the Ningbo Steel Company under construction will have the capacity of producing 4 million tons of wide steel plate each year.

Rising Industries

1、Electronic and IT Industry
In recent 5 years, the growth rate of Ningbo’s Electronic and IT industry kept 30%. Now there are more than 2000 manufacturers producing electronic and IT products. The famous company here include Bird, Yunshen, Gigabyte etc, and the output value of the industry account for 10.5% of the total GDP of Ningbo.

2、New Materials
New materials and new energy resource industries are the key industries that the Ningbo government is going to develop. From 2002, the growth rate was kept at 30%, and the output value accounted for 34.95% of the total output of the high and new technology industry in Ningbo. Now there are 14 enterprises engaging in this business. 3 of them are national rank new energy resource and high and new technology enterprises while the other 11 are provincial and city rank.

3、 Semi-conductor and photo-electronic industry
In recent years the semi-conductor and photo-electronic industry in Ningbo develops very fast. Based on the complete up and down stream of industry chain, convenient transportation system and unique policy and location advantage, a great number of semi-conduct and photo-electronic manufacturers have established plants in Ningbo. The famous companies in this industry such as Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Lili Electronics, SinoMos Semiconductor and Prodisc produce a wide range of products from IC design to LCD and TFT monitor. This region is growing into China’s photo-electronic production base.


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