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Ningbo, a cultural and historic city of China, is one of the first excellent tourist cities in china with beautiful landscape and intelligent people. The city has 243 historical sites under the government protection, of which 7 are key units of cultural relics under state protection: Hemudu Wenhua Yizhi (Hemudu Cultural Relics), 7000 years old; Tianyige (Tianyi Pavilion Library), the most ancient library in China; Baoguosi (Baoguo Temple), the oldest wooden structure construction of South of China's celadon ware; Tuoshan Dam Water Irrigation Works in ancient China; Zhenhai Kou Haifang Yizhi (the Site of Coast Defense in Zhenhai) and the Former Residences of Chiang Kaishek in Fenghua. There are also other scenic spots: Tiantong Temple, No. 2 among the five Chinese Zen Buddhist School Mountains; King Asoka Temple where a bone from the top of Sakyamuni's head is kept; Xuedou Temple of Maitreya's bodhimandala, one of the five famous Buddhist Mountains; Dongqian Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Zhejiang Province, etc. If Ningbo is taken as the centre, to its east, there is Putuoshan Island Mountain Yandang, which is called "Haitian Foguo (Sea Sky and Buddhist Country). To its south, there is Mountain Yandang, which is famous for its beautiful and delicate peaks. To its west, the West Lake in Hangzhou is not far away. To its north is Shanghai. A very convenient transport network is established in Ningbo. In 2004, there were 322,300 international tourists/time, and 20,1000,000 domestic tourists/time, 153 million USD tourism income for foreign currency, total tourism income is 205.2 billion RMB Yuan, which took 9.5% of the GDP in Ningbo.

The scenic spots and the facilities reached a certain level after several years development. Till now, there are more than ten comparatively mature scenic spots like Xi Kou scenic spot, Teng Tou ecological scenic spot, Song Lan Shan Seashore Resorts and Dong Qian Lake Resort. Out of which Xi Kou and Teng Tou is national 4A scenic spots; there are more than 160 star hotels; there are more than 135 travel agencies; nearly ten tourist land/sea transportation services.

During the tenth five-year plan, the tourism facilities will be further developed and the management level will be improved. A well planed development strategy will be featured, famous scenic spots like Dong Qian Lake, He Mu Du, Xi Kou will be presented. "One circle and four spots" will be formed for Ningbo tourism, which based on the development of city tour, include Yao river culture, Fen Hua famous people and mountain tourism spots, East seashore resorts, plus spring and old town ecological tourism spots, it will make a solid foundation for Ningbo to become a famous tourism city.

Special Scenic Routes Recommended

Traditional culture tour
Jade Wonderland / Hemudu Culture Ruins / Ancient Cicheng Town / night view of downtown Ningbo (sightseeing at the Confluence of Three Rivers, shopping at Tianyi Square, local flavor snacks at Chenghuang Temple)

Sightseeing tour at Siming Mountains
Former Residence of Pan Tianshou / Ancient Qiantong Town / Wild Crane Pool / Grand Canyon of East Zhejiang / Hot Spring of Ninghai;
Songlanshan Beach / Stone Forest at Hua'ao Island / Former Site Where Zhang Cangshui Resisted the Army of Qin Dynasty / night view of downtown Ningbo (sightseeing at the Confluence of Three Rivers, shopping at Tianyi Square, local flavor snacks at Chenghuang Temple)

Scenic beauty tour (East Zhejiang)
Arrive in Ningbo (Tianyi Pavilion, Yue Lake) / Xikou Town (Former Residence of Chiang Kai-shek, Xuedou Temple) / Tiantai County (Shiliang Waterfall, Guoqing Temple) / Great Buddha Temple in Xinchang County / Keyan in Shaoxin City / Wuzhen Town in Tongxiang County / Xitang Town in Jiashan County / Downtown Hangzhou / Leave Hangzhou

Historical city tour in East China
Arrive in Shanghai (sightseeing) / Hangzhou (West Lake, Song Dynasty Town, Chenghuang Pavilion) / Shaoxin (Mausoleum of Yu the Great, East Lake, Former Residence of Lu Xun, etc.) / Ningbo (Tianyi Pavilion, Hemudu Culture Ruins, Site of Coast Defense in Zhenhai, Qing'an Hall, Garment Museum, etc.) / Leave Ningbo

Southeast Zhejiang tour Arrive in Shanghai / Huzhou City (Brush Pen Museum, Ancient Nanxun Town) / Hangzhou (West Lake, Chenghuang Pavilion) / Shaoxin (Former Residence of Lu Xun, Lanting, East Lake) / Ningbo (Tianyi Pavilion, Xikou Town, Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple, Ninghai Hot Spring) / Taizhou (Ancient Wall, Longxin Temple, Changyu Cave) / Wenzhou (Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River, etc.) / Leave Wenzhou

Tour of Buddhist resort, celebrities hometown and ancient town
Arrive in Ningbo and check in at a hotel / Putuo (Xitian Scenic spot, Puji Temple, Purple Bamboo Grove, Nanhai Kwan-yin Buddha), back to Ningbo / Shaoxin (Former Residence of Lu Xun, Lanting), back to Ningbo / Xikou Town (Former Residence of Jiang Kai-shek, Miaogao Terrace, Qianzhang Rock, Pool of Three Retreats, Xu Fu Rock) / Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple, Tianyi Pavilion Library, Yue Lake, night view of downtown Ningbo (sightseeing at the Confluence of Three Rivers, shopping at Tianyi Square, local flavor snacks at Chenghuang Temple)

Visit to former residences by Yue Lake
Yintaidi Edifice (life of officials of Qin Dynasty) / Dafangyudi (historical relics at Yue Lake) / Yue Garden (Exotic rocks)

Visit to ancient library
Tianyi Pavilion (Library of Ming Dynasty, Exhibition Hall of Historical Relics in Ningbo, Exhibition Hall of National Chorography, Exhibition of Mahjong Origin, the Qins' Temple, etc.)

Leisure tour at Dongqian Lake
Fuquan Mountain scenic spot/The stone carving park of the Southern Song Dynasty/Delson Golf Club/Hu Xin scenic spot ( Xia Yu Temple ) /Temple of Yue Fei/Sha Menghai Academy/Ningbo Zoo

Agricultural tour
Eco-agriculture at Tengtou of Fenghua / Modern agriculture at Changhe of Cixi / Urban agriculture at Hongtang of Jiangbei District.

Modern historical site tour
Qing'an Hall (marine trade in East Zhejiang, Mazu Culture) / Anlan Hall (curios) / the Bund (cathedral, former Zhejiang Customs House, former British Consulate£?former site of police station.)

Apparel shopping
Yongor International Exhibition Center of Garment Industry / Peacebird Exhibition Hall / Romon Garment Factory

Higher Education Park Tour
Ningbo Institute of Technology (under Zhejiang University) / Zhejiang Wanli University / Huamao Foreign Languages Institute / Ningbo Celebrities Park / Ningbo Culture and Art Park / Ningbo High-Tech Industry Park

Buddhism in Zhejiang
Arrive in Ningbo (Tiantong Temple, Asoka Temple) / Putuo Mount / Longxin Temple in Linhai / Guoqing Temple in Tiantai / Giant Buddha Temple in Xinchang / Hangzhou (Temple of Soul Retreat, Jingci Temple) / Leave Hangzhou

Folklore in South China
Arrive in Shanghai / Jiaxing (Silk weaving, printing and dyeing) / Hangzhou (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbs) / Shaoxin (Calligraphy, Cuisine) / Ningbo (shadow boxing, paper-cut) / Leave Ningbo

Rural eco-agriculture tour
Arrive in Hangzhou / Hongshan Farm (modern agriculture) / Fuyang (rural life) / Tuntuo Village of Fenghua (eco-agriculture) / Leave Ningbo


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